Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

"Lumina" Kindergarten

The beneficiaries of the kindergarten are children from disadvantaged families, from families where one of the parents is from an orphanage or from Roma families.

The kindergarten works from february 2001 and it is accredited by Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in School Education.
The kindergarten has only one group. It is totally for free, there is no charge, the supplies and materials are provided by the foundation, through the sponsorships obtained from individuals and companies.

The children that are coming to kindergarten have a free hot meal, which is provided by catering. Ocasionally, these children benefit of clothes and shoes, but also gifts for Christmas and Easter.

Every beginning of the school year, children get sport suits and sport shoes. When we can, we also help children when they get sick, we help them with medicines.

Parents are assisted in obtaining or preparing various documents, both financially and legally.

The program of the Kindergarten is from 7:45-13:00.