Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

How you can help?

Material support - In Romania many families are in great need, even today. Over the years we have got to know many families that are very poor. Through our Humanitarian Aid Department we can offer help in a practical way, by giving the goods we receive from the Netherlands.

Humanitarian aid - At the Foundation we have a humanitarian aid department. To this purpose, we built a warehouse, where we receive regular trucks from the Netherlands, with different material goods, that we distribute to poor families. Humanitarian aid is consisting in: clothing, footwear, furniture, food, toys etc., goods which we distribute to families in our programs and different institutes like: associations, foundations, schools and churches in the county. Because of this department we are able to help our beneficiaries, but if it's possible we help other people too, who are not part of our programs. Most of the toys that we receive we use as gifts for children from the programs. Most of educational toys we use as basis for the different programs we have.

Prayer - We really appreciate your prayers for our adults and their children. If you want to join us in prayers, we can inform you about our needs of the Social Centre for children. You can ask for our free newsletter (see contact).

Donations - You can also financially support our ministry by donating for our programs. Please send a cheque made payable to 'Eastern European Outreach' to:
Eastern European Outreach
UK PO 399
Margate Kent

Please include a note mentioning Social Center Oradia!
Online payments or bank transfers are possible as well, please click here.

We do not ask the parents of children a contribution for the programs we have in the Social Centre. To make it possible for the children to participate in our programs, we are looking for sponsors. Eastern European Outreach Intl.'s Children's Relief Department has started an adoption plan. For more information, please contact us.