Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

Church service

At the foundation we develop weekly religious activities. These are: Bible studies, prayer meetings and Sunday meetings. To these programs may participate everyone who wants, even if it's not a beneficiary of the Foundation.

By organizing Bible studies, we teach the young people how to be disciples of Jesus and how to apply this in everyday life. During Sunday church service there is a program for children, like a Sunday school. The children love to sing together, to listen to the biblical stories and to play.

Many of our young people, who love Jesus, want to serve Him. They want to witness about God's love and they are active in evangelism. They are involved in religious activities organized by the East Europe Foundation. Also, these young people go to Roma villages in the surroundings of Oradea.

Florin and Cornel are two of these young people and they are very active in the religious activities organized. Florin leads praise and worship during religious services on Sunday and during the week. Cornel is very active and involved in religious activity in a Roma community of the village Dicăneşti.

Florin and Cornel both have a family now. They are a living example of change for the better that Jesus can make in the life of a person. Their testimony, meaning that, despite of the difficult situation they are in, they found peace and rest, moves and attracts those who hear it and see it. Cristian is the pastor that is supervising and takes care of these activities and he is being helped on doing this by his wife, Mirela.