Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

How it all began.

It all began in Oradea in 1996, with a young group of people, which lived on the street for years. Young people, that came from Roma families or from orphanages. In the orphanages they have to learn to survive, because in there, the law of the jungle rules. Because of this, they developed a behavior focused on survival only, no matter what the costs.

Their survival instinct became even stronger when they were forced to live on the streets when they turned 18 years old. On the streets they had to start a new life. They didn't have contact with their natural families while they were in the orphanage, so they "moved" to the nearest big city. And because they had no house they could live in, they ended up on the streets.

Street-life completely changed them, because they were forced to survive in a much worse situation than in the orphanages. Their character was totally changed, or better we can say: deformed. Still, slowly, but surely changes were seen in the lives of these young people, in a good way. Those who fully put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ have adapted easier, and were better able to step out of their old life and break with the bad habits of their wrong lifestyle.

Now, the activities have diversified and there are oriented toward children with special social needs and since the year 2000 these activities are being held in our Social Centre for children. In our center, children learn moral values and standards and also social skills. They learn to be honest, to play together and to share. But, above all, they learn to understand the love of God and how they can pray for every detail of their life.