Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

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The foundation in Romania "Fundatia Est Europa" was founded in 1999, at the initiative of the president of the foundation, Mrs. Olga van Lavieren.
Olga van Lavieren has been involved with the "Stichting OostEuropa Zending" (Netherlands) since 1987. In Romania she had started the activity in June 1991 and in Oradea since 1996. From the Netherlands she supervises the activities held in the Social Centre Casa Lumina in Oradea.

Social Centre, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania

Initially, the foundation has started by helping the young people from the orphanages, but ongoing, the activities have diversified. Our mission is to contribute to personal and professional development of the young people and children, also on their education and culture, so they can make a career according to their potential. Our vision is for the young people and children from Bihor county to be active participants in society and to have a complete education, both through formal means and non-formal, which can provide them a career according to their potential. The ethical values of the foundation are: responsability, collaboration, creativity, integrity and objectivity.

The foundation has two social services: (1)"Lumina" Kindergarten and (2)Day centre for children (homework, aducational and recreational activities). The activities conducted in whitin these programs are educational, recreational and religious.

The number of children enrolled in the foundation is 42 (24 children in the Day centre and 18 in kindergarten), they are coming from from families in which one of the parents comes from orphanages or from Roma families. The selection is made after submitting an application and according to the free places we have. Also, the social worker draws a social inquiry for the social and financial situation of the family.
Besides these two programs, the fondation conducts also other activities, such as: religious activities, both to the foundation headquarter and to Oradea Prison, or humanitarian aid for the poor families.If you want to support us, we can inform you about our needs, by sending you our newsletter (see contact).