Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.

Family story

The story of Kovacs Florin and Ana

Kovacs Florin's family is composed of 5 people: father (Florin), mother (Ana) and 3 girls (Crystten, Andra and Debora).
In this moment, family lives in a social apartment, composed of 2 rooms. This place is a an answer of many prayers. A year ago, family lived in a social place of 1 room. Those conditions were very difficult for the family, because they had to cook in the same room where they were sleeping and the bathroom was in common with other families. For the family, these conditions were a little bad. Florin and Ana, together with the church started to pray that God will give them a bigger place. Meanwhile, God blessed the family with a little beautiful girl, healthy and full of joy.
God saw family's desire of having a bigger place, especially now, when family enjoy the new member of the family, Debora.
Family is involved in the activities organized in our Social Center, in kindergarten, Mother and child and on church. Florin is serving God, he is the worship leader in the church, he is also involved in serving God outside the church. He is helping the pastor Cristian in all kind of social and church activities.
Ana has 5 girls from anothe rmarriage and together with Florin they have the little girl Debora.
Before she got married to Florin, Ana was married with a man that abused of 3 girls of Ana, he got in prison and they divorced. Those 3 girls reached in social center of children protection.
Because of the stable situation from the family, mother got back in touch with the girls. The marriage that Florin and Ana have now and the relation with God brought a balance in the family, a balance that both of them wanted.
Florin cannot work, because of soem health problems. Ana used to work, but for the moment she is taking care the little girl. Romanian state gives mothers the posibility of staying home for 2 years.
The income of the family is the increase in child allowance and the allowances of the other girls.