Social Center, Fundaţia Est Europa, Oradea - Romania.


Over the year, we operated different activities and we made situations for various institutions in the country, regarding to these activities, situations that targeted the accreditation of the day services and of the educational and recreational activities. The activities consisted in: a religious program at the foundation, visits to Zoo, visits to partner kindergartens and visit to theatre, where they watched a play especially for them.

These kind of activities are very special for the cathegory of the children we have in foundation. The delight from the children's faces is inexpressible, the joy of these activities is present for days. Over the year, we have made partnership with different institutions of the country, such as Police, University, schools and kindergartens. As a result of these partnerships, in November and December, we operated different activities with children. The conduct of these activities wouldn't have been possible without the help of our sponsors, who help us with the financial resources. Therefore, in The Netherlands we have the following sponsors:

  • Children's Relief
  • Oost Europa Zending
  • Stichting Hulp aan Oost Europa
  • The church from Rhoon
  • Different churches from Groningen
  • Activities with local authorities from the country.
Our mission couldn't have been possible without the help of our 16 volunteers, who are helping us and who are of a real help for conducting the activities from the foundation.